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Raised in the foothill's of the Appalachian Mountains in Franklin County, Tennessee, JBlue (Jeff Altgilbers) has been around musicians and playing in band's since his teen age years. At 15 year's old he was playing in honky tonk bar's for just a cheeseburger and a bowl of chili! He was influenced by his musician peer's who idolized and played: Allman Brother's, Marshal Tucker, CCR, and solo artist's like James Taylor, John Denver and Dan Folgelberg. His home is in the mountains and rivers of  Tennessee, though he spends alot of time traveling around the world. In the contrast of those two worlds emerge his songs. Songs are about realities we all face in life. Love, joy, fond memories, death, romance and nature. The experiences people go through everyday. This website is a selection of song's from his three CD's "JBlue,"  "Riverman," and "The Best Of." We enjoy feedback, friends and thanks for visiting!
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